An Authorized Valvoline Distributor, Bringing high quality Valvoline products to the Philippines.

HH Asia Trading, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of Valvoline premium products, operating in Luzon. We offer a comprehensive range of Valvoline passenger car motor oils, two-wheeler oils, heavy duty engine oils and ancillary products in a variety of packaging.

Premium quality Valvoline products
Valvoline has spent more than 150 years under the hood, tinkering and perfecting lubricants to improve vehicle performance. This expertise goes into every product that proudly wears the Valvoline name.

Delivering products when you need them
Valvoline’s purpose built depot offers a large stock of lubricant availability that enables HH Asia Trading, Inc. to react quickly and efficiently to meet customers’ needs. We also operate our own fleet of delivery trucks.

At HH Asia Trading, Inc., we don’t just supply you with the right lubricant for your needs. We also offer a range of lubricant related services, including oil condition monitoring, oil storage solutions, surveys and training. This means that you can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of your lubrication needs.

Sales and technical support
We employ a team of experienced sales and technical support people that have been trained to meet the highest standards of product knowledge and customer service. We offer solutions and ideas to solve many lubrication problems whatever the industry.