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Do you have questions about lubricants, Valvoline global brand activity, or our business? Find answers here.

For questions specific to motor oil and Valvoline Motor Oil Products check out Motor Oil FAQs.


Does Valvoline offer oils specifically for motorcycles?

Valvoline has premium motorcycle oils made with the most advance technology.  These products are formulated specifically for the unique demands of motorcycle designs and exceed the requirements of leading motorcycle manufacturers.  Find out more Valvoline 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil 


Power Steering Fluid FAQs

What is the shelf life of the remaining Valvoline power steering fluid after it has been opened?

Any chemical that has been opened, including brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc., has a recommended shelf life of no longer than two to three years, depending on storage.

Automatic Transmission Fluid FAQs

I had my vehicle's transmission fluid changed using Valvoline MaxLife™ ATF Fully Synthetic. Conventional transmission fluid was used for all previous changes. Will this cause a problem?

No. Switching to synthetic transmission fluid after using a conventional product will not cause a problem. Synthetic and conventional oils are 100 percent compatible.

Does Valvoline make a synthetic ATF?

Yes. Valvoline makes several synthetic ATFs. MaxLife® ATF, Valvoline ATF for MERCON® V* applications, ATF +4 and DEXRON® VI are all synthetic transmission fluids.

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